What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation yp?

Abbreviation YPLL

years of potential life lost

Abbreviation YpkA

Yersinia protein kinase A

Abbreviation YPA

yeast, peptone, and adenine sulfate

Abbreviation YP

yeast phase

Abbreviation UYP

upper yield point

Abbreviation Tryp


Abbreviation ribotyping

ribonucleic acid [RNA]-typing

Abbreviation LYP

lactose, yeast, and peptone [agar]

Abbreviation Hypro


Abbreviation HypRF

hypothalamic releasing factor

Abbreviation HYPREN

Hypertension under Prazosin and Enalapril [study]

Abbreviation HYPPOS

Hypertensive Population Survey

Abbreviation HYPP

hyperkalemic periodic paralysis

Abbreviation HyperGEN

Hypertension Genetic Epidemiology Network hyper-IgE hyperimmunoglobulinemia E hypn hypertension hypno hypnosis Hypo hypodermic, hypodermic injection hypox hypophysectomized

Abbreviation HYP


Abbreviation GypV

gypsy virus

Abbreviation CYPH


Abbreviation CypCV

Cypripedium calceolus virus

Abbreviation CYPC

cyclophilin C

Abbreviation CYPA

cyclophilin A

Abbreviation CYP


Abbreviation CRYP


Abbreviation CALYPSO

Cylexin as an Adjunct to Lytic Therapy to Prevent Superoxide Reflow Injury

Abbreviation CADHYP

Coronary Artery Disease in Hypertension [study]

Abbreviation BYP

Baeza-Yates-Perleberg [algorithm]

Abbreviations that look like yp