What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation y?

Abbreviation Zy

zygion ZyC zymosan

Abbreviation Zfy

zinc-finger [protein]

Abbreviation YWKY

younger Wistar-Kyoto rat

Abbreviation yWACC

younger woman with aggressive cervical cancer

Abbreviation Y7V

Yaba-7 virus

Abbreviation Y1V

Yaba-1 virus

Abbreviation Y73SV

Y73 sarcoma virus

Abbreviation YST

yolk sac tumor

Abbreviation YSHR

younger spontaneously hypertensive rat

Abbreviation YS

yellow spot

Abbreviation YRRM

Y ribonucleic acid [RNA] recognition motif

Abbreviation YRD

Yangtze River disease

Abbreviation YRBS

Youth Risk Behavior Survey

Abbreviation yr


Abbreviation YPLL

years of potential life lost

Abbreviation YpkA

Yersinia protein kinase A

Abbreviation YPA

yeast, peptone, and adenine sulfate

Abbreviation YP

yeast phase

Abbreviation YOS

Yale Observation Scale

Abbreviation Yops

Yersinia outer membrane proteins

Abbreviation YOKV

Yokose virus

Abbreviation YOGV

Yogue virus

Abbreviation YOB

year of birth

Abbreviation YNS

yellow nail syndrome

Abbreviation YNB

yeast nitrogen base

Abbreviations that look like y