What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation u?

Abbreviation XuMP

xylulose monophosphate

Abbreviation XUC

extended use case [format]

Abbreviation XU

excretory urogram

Abbreviation WWU

weighted working unit

Abbreviation WSPHU

Western Sector Public Health Unit [Australia]

Abbreviation WPCU

weighted patient care unit

Abbreviation WOU

women's outpatient unit

Abbreviation WCUS

Wiktor Stent and Cutting Balloon Angioplasty Study

Abbreviation WCTU

Women's Christian Temperance Union

Abbreviation WAFUS

Warfarin Anticoagulation Follow-up Study

Abbreviation VUV

vacuum ultraviolet

Abbreviation VUSE

variable angle uniform signal excitation

Abbreviation VUR

vesico-ureteral reflux

Abbreviation VUO

vesico-ureteral orifice

Abbreviation VUJ

vesico-ureteral junction

Abbreviation VUD

voluntary unrelated donor

Abbreviation VUC

voided urinary cytology

Abbreviation VU

varicose ulcer

Abbreviation VTEU

Vaccine and Treatment Evaluation Unit

Abbreviation VPFRU

vapor-protective, flame-resistant undergarment

Abbreviation VIRTUOS

virtual radiotherapy simulation and verification

Abbreviation VIGOUR

Virtual Coordinating Center for Global Collaborative Cardiovascular Research

Abbreviation VEUD

virtual emergency and urgency department

Abbreviation ves ur

urinary bladder [Lat. vesica urinaria]

Abbreviation VENUS

Very Early Nimodipine Use in Stroke [trial]

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