What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation tp?

Abbreviation XTP

xanthosine triphosphate

Abbreviation wtPSGL

wild type P selectin glycoprotein ligand

Abbreviation WTP

willingness to pay

Abbreviation UTP

unilateral tension pneumothorax

Abbreviation TTPA

triethylene thiophosphoramide

Abbreviation TTP

thiamine triphosphate

Abbreviation TPZ


Abbreviation TPX

testis-specific protein

Abbreviation TPVS

transhepatic portal venous sampling

Abbreviation TPVR

total peripheral vascular resistance

Abbreviation TPV

tetanus-pertussis vaccine

Abbreviation TPTZ


Abbreviation TPTX


Abbreviation TPTE


Abbreviation TPT

tetraphenyl tetrazolium

Abbreviation TPST

true positive stress test

Abbreviation TPSE


Abbreviation TPS


Abbreviation TPRI

total peripheral resistance index

Abbreviation TPR

temperature, pulse, and respiration

Abbreviation TPQ

Threshold Planning Quantity

Abbreviation TPPN

total peripheral parenteral nutrition

Abbreviation TPPI

time proportional phase incrementation

Abbreviation TPPD

thoracic-pelvic-phalangeal dystrophy

Abbreviation TPPase

thiamine pyrophosphatase

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