What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation sh?

Abbreviation YSHR

younger spontaneously hypertensive rat

Abbreviation XISHF

Xamoterol in Severe Heart Failure [study]

Abbreviation WISH

wearable information system for human healthcare

Abbreviation WESH

West European Study of Health

Abbreviation WASH

Warfarin-Aspirin Study of Heart Failure

Abbreviation VSHD

ventricular septal heart defect

Abbreviation VAPSHCS

Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Health Care System

Abbreviation VANQWISH

Veterans Affairs Non-Q-wave Infarction Strategies In-Hospital [study]

Abbreviation USHMAC

United States Health Manpower Advisory Council

Abbreviation USHL

United States Hygienic Laboratory

Abbreviation USH4

Usher syndrome type IV

Abbreviation USH3

Usher syndrome type III

Abbreviation USH2B

Usher syndrome type IIB

Abbreviation USH2A

Usher syndrome type IIA

Abbreviation USH2

Usher syndrome type II

Abbreviation USH1C

Usher syndrome type IC

Abbreviation USH1B

Usher syndrome type IB

Abbreviation USH1A

Usher syndrome type IA

Abbreviation USH1

Usher syndrome type I

Abbreviation USH

Usher syndrome

Abbreviation uFSH

urinary follicle-stimulating hormone

Abbreviation turboFLASH

turbo fast low-angle shot

Abbreviation TSHW

Thyroid Study in Healthy Women

Abbreviation TSHR

thyroid-stimulating hormone receptor

Abbreviation TSHB

thyroid-stimulating hormone, beta chain

Abbreviations that look like sh