What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation s?

Abbreviation ZWS

Zellweger syndrome

Abbreviation ZWCHRS

Zellweger cerebrohepatorenal syndrome

Abbreviation ZTS

zymosan-treated serum

Abbreviation ZSV

signature-tagged mutagenesis

Abbreviation ZSR

zeta sedimentation ratio

Abbreviation ZSC

zone of slow conduction

Abbreviation ZS

Zellweger syndrome

Abbreviation ZNS


Abbreviation ZLS

Zimmerman-Laband syndrome

Abbreviation ZEST

Zocor Early Start Trial ζ

Abbreviation ZES

Zollinger-Ellison syndrome

Abbreviation ZDS

zinc depletion syndrome

Abbreviation ZAS

zymosan-activated autologous serum

Abbreviation ZAPS

zonal air pollution system

Abbreviation Y73SV

Y73 sarcoma virus

Abbreviation YST

yolk sac tumor

Abbreviation YSHR

younger spontaneously hypertensive rat

Abbreviation YS

yellow spot

Abbreviation YRBS

Youth Risk Behavior Survey

Abbreviation YOS

Yale Observation Scale

Abbreviation Yops

Yersinia outer membrane proteins

Abbreviation YNS

yellow nail syndrome

Abbreviation YMS

Young Men's Survey

Abbreviation YLS

years of life saved

Abbreviation YDYES

yin deficiency yang excess syndrome

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