What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation ro?

Abbreviation VROM

voluntary range of motion

Abbreviation VIDERO

virtual delivery room

Abbreviation VARPRO

variable projection

Abbreviation UROS

uroporphyrinogen synthase

Abbreviation Urol

urology, urologist

Abbreviation UROD

uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase

Abbreviation URO


Abbreviation UNDRO

United Nations Disaster Relief Organization

Abbreviation TROPHY

Treatment Effects of Lisinopril vs Hydrochlorothiazide in Obese Patients with Hypertension [trial]

Abbreviation TROPCAB

total revascularization off pump by coronary artery bypass

Abbreviation Trop


Abbreviation TROM

torque range of motion

Abbreviation Troch


Abbreviation TRO

tissue reflectance oximetry

Abbreviation ThrO

thrombotic occlusion

Abbreviation SPROM

spontaneous premature rupture of membrane

Abbreviation SLRROM

shoulder lateral rotation range of motion

Abbreviation ROXIS

Roxithromycin in Ischemic Syndromes [study]

Abbreviation ROW

Rendu-Osler-Weber [syndrome]

Abbreviation ROU

recurrent oral ulcer

Abbreviation ROTASTENT

Rotational Atherectomy with Adjunctive Stenting [trial]

Abbreviation ROTACS

rotational angioplasty catheter system

Abbreviation ROTA

rotablator atherectomy

Abbreviation ROT

real oxygen transport

Abbreviation ROSTER

Rotational Atherectomy vs Balloon Angioplasty for In-stent Restenosis [trial]

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