What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation rem?

Abbreviation sREM

stage rapid eye movement

Abbreviation SOREM

sleep onset rapid eye movement

Abbreviation REMT

trigger signal rapid eye movements

Abbreviation REMS

rapid eye movement sleep

Abbreviation REMPAN

radiation emergency medical preparedness

Abbreviation REMP

roentgen-equivalent-man period

Abbreviation REMO

regional emergency medical organization

Abbreviation remit


Abbreviation REMCAL

radiation-equivalent-manikin calibration

Abbreviation REMBRANDT

Rather Exciting and Memorable Blind Randomized Assessment of a New Drug on Three Continents

Abbreviation REMATCH

Randomized Evaluation of Mechanical Assistance in the Treatment of Congestive Heart Failure [study]

Abbreviation REMAIN

remission-maintenance [therapy for systemic vasculitis]

Abbreviation REMAB

radiation-equivalent-manikin absorption

Abbreviation REMA

repetitive excess mixed anhydride

Abbreviation REM

rapid eye movement

Abbreviation NREMT

National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians

Abbreviation NREM

nonrapid eye movement [sleep]

Abbreviation mrem


Abbreviation INREM

internal roentgen-equivalent, man

Abbreviation HREM

high-resolution electron microscopy

Abbreviation HAREM

heparin assay rapid easy method

Abbreviation frem


Abbreviation EXREM

external radiation-emission man [dose]

Abbreviation CYCAZAREM

Cyclophosphamide vs Azathioprine during Remission of Systemic Vasculitis [trial]

Abbreviation CREM

center for rural emergency medicine

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