What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation ra?

Abbreviation ZEBRA

zero balanced reimbursement account

Abbreviation XGRAIL

Gene Recognition and Analysis Internet Link X window [client server system]

Abbreviation WRAT

Wide Range Achievement Test

Abbreviation WRAML

Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning

Abbreviation WRAMC

Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Abbreviation WRAIR

Walter Reed Army Institute for Research

Abbreviation WRAIN

Walter Reed Army Medical Center Institute of Nursing

Abbreviation WRAC

wide-ranging aerosol classifier

Abbreviation VSRA

variable speech rate audiometry

Abbreviation VRA

visual reinforcement audiometry

Abbreviation VNRA

vitronectin receptor alpha

Abbreviation VAS RAD

vascular radiology

Abbreviation URALMI

Urokinase and Alteplase in Myocardial Infarction [study]

Abbreviation URAC

Utilization Review Accreditation Commission

Abbreviation URA

unilateral renal agenesis

Abbreviation UPPRA

upright peripheral plasma renin activity

Abbreviation UltraSTAR

ultrasound structured attribute reporting

Abbreviation ULTRA

utilizing GFX 2.5 stent in small diameter arteries

Abbreviation traum

trauma, traumatic

Abbreviation TRASHES

tuberculosis, radiotherapy, ankylosing spondylitis, histoplasmosis, extrinsic allergic alveolitis, silicosis [chest x-ray findings]

Abbreviation TraSH

transposition-site hybridization

Abbreviation TRAS

transplanted renal artery stenosis

Abbreviation TRAPIST

Trapidil vs Placebo to Prevent In-Stent Intimal Hyperplasia [study]

Abbreviation TRAP

carpal tunnel syndrome, Raynaud phenomenon, aching muscles, proximal muscle weakness [rheumatic disorders associated with hypothyroidism]

Abbreviation transpl

transplantation, transplanted

Abbreviations that look like ra