What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation q?

Abbreviation Xq

long arm of chromosome X

Abbreviation WSQ

wavelet scalar quantization

Abbreviation WQAC

ward quality assurance committee

Abbreviation VQI

ventilation perfusion index

Abbreviation VQE

visa qualifying examination [for foreign medical graduates]

Abbreviation VQ

vector quantization

Abbreviation VNQ

variable N-Quoit filter [imaging]

Abbreviation VIQ

Verbal Intelligence Quotient

Abbreviation VANQWISH

Veterans Affairs Non-Q-wave Infarction Strategies In-Hospital [study]

Abbreviation URQ

upper right quadrant

Abbreviation UQS

upper quadrant syndrome

Abbreviation UQL

unacceptable quality level

Abbreviation UQCRC

ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase core

Abbreviation UQAC

unit quality assurance committee

Abbreviation UQ


Abbreviation UOQ

upper outer quadrant

Abbreviation ULQ

upper left quadrant

Abbreviation UIQ

upper inner quadrant

Abbreviation TQS

Terminology Query Service

Abbreviation TQM

total quality management

Abbreviation TQI

total quality improvement

Abbreviation TQFCOSY

triple-quantum filtered correlated spectroscopy

Abbreviation TQD

target quit date [smoking cessation]

Abbreviation TQ


Abbreviation TPQ

Threshold Planning Quantity

Abbreviations that look like q