What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation pm?

Abbreviation VPM

ventilator pressure manometer

Abbreviation TRPM

testosterone-repressed prostate message

Abbreviation TPMV

Thottapalayam virus

Abbreviation TPMT

thiopurine methyltransferase

Abbreviation TPM

temporary pacemaker

Abbreviation SPmv

medium window spectrogram

Abbreviation SPMSQ

Short Portable Mental Status Questionnaire

Abbreviation SPMS

secondary progressive multiple sclerosis

Abbreviation SPMR

standard proportionate mortality ratio (or rate)

Abbreviation SPMMV

Sweet potato mild mottle virus

Abbreviation SPMD

single program multiple data

Abbreviation SPMA

spinal progressive muscular atrophy

Abbreviation SPM

scanning probe microscopy

Abbreviation SCPM

somatic crossover point mapping

Abbreviation SCOPME

Standing Committee on Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education [UK]

Abbreviation RRpm

respiratory rate per minute

Abbreviation RPMS

resource and patient management system

Abbreviation RPMI

Roswell Park Memorial Institute [medium]

Abbreviation RPMD

rheumatic pain modulation disorder

Abbreviation RPM

Rapid Pharmaceutical Management

Abbreviation RAPM

refractory anemia with partial myeloblastosis

Abbreviation QPMV

Quail pea mosaic virus

Abbreviation PM

after death [Lat. post mortem]

Abbreviation ORPM

orthorhythmic pacemaker

Abbreviation OPMSS

Olestra Postmarketing Surveillance Study

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