What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation pi?

Abbreviation ZEPI

zonal echo planar imaging

Abbreviation WIPI

Word Intelligibility Picture Identification

Abbreviation WHYMPI

West Haven-Yale Multidimensional Pain Inventory

Abbreviation VPI

vapor phase inhibitor

Abbreviation VEPID

video-based electronic portal imaging device

Abbreviation UTOPIA

Utilization of Platelet Inhibition in Angina [trial]

Abbreviation USPIO

ultrasmall particle superparamagnetic iron oxide

Abbreviation UPIN

universal physician identifier number [Health Care Financing Administration, HCFA]

Abbreviation UPIF

uniform provider [electronic] interchange format

Abbreviation UPID

uniparental isodisomy

Abbreviation UPI

unique patient identifier

Abbreviation TRAPIST

Trapidil vs Placebo to Prevent In-Stent Intimal Hyperplasia [study]

Abbreviation TPPI

time proportional phase incrementation

Abbreviation TPIIA

time of postexpiratory inspiratory activity

Abbreviation TPIA

Treponema pallidum immune adherence

Abbreviation TPI

Thrombolytic Predictive Instrument [project]

Abbreviation TIPI

time-insensitive predictive instrument

Abbreviation THERAPIS

telecommunication-helped radiotherapy planning and information system

Abbreviation TFPI

tissue factor pathway inhibitor

Abbreviation TAPIRSS

Triflusal vs Aspirin in Preventing Infarction: Randomized Stroke Study

Abbreviation SPIRIT

Salvage from Perindopril in Reperfused Infarction Trial

Abbreviation SPIR

Study of Perioperative Ischemia Research

Abbreviation SPIO

superparamagnetic iron oxide

Abbreviation SPINAF

Stroke Prevention in Nonrheumatic Atrial Fibrillation [study]

Abbreviation SPIN

skeletal plan instantiation

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