What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation ph?

Abbreviation WSPHU

Western Sector Public Health Unit [Australia]

Abbreviation WFPHA

World Federation of Public Health Associations

Abbreviation USPHS

United States Public Health Service

Abbreviation UMPH

uridine 5′

Abbreviation TROPHY

Treatment Effects of Lisinopril vs Hydrochlorothiazide in Obese Patients with Hypertension [trial]

Abbreviation TPHU

Tropical Public Health Unit [Australia]

Abbreviation TPHA

Treponema pallidum hemagglutination

Abbreviation TPH

transplacental hemorrhage

Abbreviation TEPH

total end-prosthetic hip implantation

Abbreviation SPHS

Saskatoon Pregnancy and Health Study

Abbreviation SPH

secondary pulmonary hemosiderosis

Abbreviation SOPHE

Society for Public Health Education

Abbreviation SAPPHIRE

Stanford Asian Pacific Program in Hypertension and Insulin Resistance

Abbreviation SAPHO

synovitis-acne-pustulosis hyperostosis-osteomyelitis [syndrome]

Abbreviation saph


Abbreviation RSPH

Royal Society for the Promotion of Health

Abbreviation RPHAMFCA

reversed passive hemagglutination by miniature centrifugal fast analysis

Abbreviation RPHA

reversed passive hemagglutination

Abbreviation RPh

Registered Pharmacist

Abbreviation RIPHH

Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene

Abbreviation RIPH

Royal Institute of Public Health

Abbreviation Ref Phys

referring physician

Abbreviation RCPH

red cell peroxide hemolysis

Abbreviation RALPH

renal-anal-lung-polydactylyhamartoblastoma [syndrome]

Abbreviation PLPH

post-lumbar puncture headache

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