What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation pco?

Abbreviation tcPCO

2, tcpCO2 transcutaneous partial pressure of carbon dioxide

Abbreviation PCOV

porcine type C oncovirus

Abbreviation PCOS

polycystic ovary syndrome

Abbreviation PCON

Primary Care Organization Network

Abbreviation PCOM

phase contrast optical method

Abbreviation PCOD

polycystic ovarian disease

Abbreviation PCOC

Primary Care Organization Consortium

Abbreviation PCO

parametric clinical observation

Abbreviation OPCOS

oligomenorrheic polycystic ovary syndrome

Abbreviation MPCO

micropolycystic ovary syndrome

Abbreviation MIPcor

coronary maximum intensity projection

Abbreviation GPCOV

guinea pig type C oncovirus

Abbreviation ETPCO

2 end-tidal partial carbon dioxide [concentration]

Abbreviation EPCOT

European Prospective Cohort on Thrombophilia

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