What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation ops?

Abbreviation Yops

Yersinia outer membrane proteins

Abbreviation WOSCOPS

West of Scotland Coronary Prevention Study

Abbreviation VOPS

vector optimal parameter search [algorithm]

Abbreviation TOPS

Take Off Pounds Sensibly [program]

Abbreviation ROPS

rollover protective structure

Abbreviation pflops

pentaflops [floating points per second]

Abbreviation OPSR

Office of Professional Standards Review

Abbreviation OPSI

overwhelming postsplenectomy infection

Abbreviation OPSEC

operations security

Abbreviation OpScan

optical scanning

Abbreviation OPSA

ovarian papillary serous adenocarcinoma

Abbreviation OPS


Abbreviation MOPS

3-morpholino-propanesulfonic acid

Abbreviation LOPS

length of patient's stay

Abbreviation KOPS

thousand of operations per second

Abbreviation Gflops

gigaflops [billions of floating point operations per second]

Abbreviation Flops

floating point operations per second

Abbreviation DOPS

diffuse obstructive pulmonary syndrome

Abbreviation CYCLOPS

cyclically ordered phase sequence

Abbreviation COPS

constrained optimal parameter search

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