What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation oh?

Abbreviation TSCOHS

Tri-Service Comprehensive Oral Health Survey

Abbreviation TOHP

Trial of Hypertension Prevention

Abbreviation TOH

transient osteoporosis of hip

Abbreviation SOHO

self-organizing, holarchic, open

Abbreviation SOHND

supraomohyoid neck dissection

Abbreviation SOHN

supraoptic hypothalamic nucleus

Abbreviation SOH

sympathetic orthostatic hypotension

Abbreviation SMOH

Senior Medical Officer of Health

Abbreviation ROH

rat ovarian hyperemia [test]

Abbreviation qoh

every other hour [Lat. quaque altera hora]

Abbreviation PhoHV

phocid herpesvirus

Abbreviation OOHRT

object-oriented health care terminology respository

Abbreviation OOH


Abbreviation OHTA

Office of Health Technology Assessment

Abbreviation OHT

ocular hypertension

Abbreviation OHSS

ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

Abbreviation OHSR

Office of Human Subject Research [NIH]

Abbreviation OHSD

hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase

Abbreviation OHS

obesity hypoventilation syndrome

Abbreviation OHR

occupational health research

Abbreviation OHPCC

Office of High Performance Computing and Communications

Abbreviation OHP


Abbreviation OHN

occupational health nurse

Abbreviation OHMO

Office of Health Maintenance Organizations

Abbreviation OHL

oral hairy leukoplakia

Abbreviations that look like oh