What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation ni?

Abbreviation VRNI

neovascular inflammatory vitreoretinopathy

Abbreviation univ


Abbreviation UNIS

Urological Nursing Information System

Abbreviation unilat


Abbreviation UniGene

Unique Human Gene Sequence Collection

Abbreviation TnI

troponin I

Abbreviation TANI

total axial [lymph] node irradiation

Abbreviation SNIVT

Society of Non-Invasive Vascular Technology

Abbreviation SNIPA

seronegative inflammatory polyarthritis

Abbreviation SENIC

Study of the Efficacy of Nosocomial Infection Control

Abbreviation sanit

sanitary, sanitation

Abbreviation RNINMEGLA

rat integral membrane glycoprotein

Abbreviation RNID

Royal National Institute for the Deaf

Abbreviation RNICU

regional neonatal intensive care unit

Abbreviation RNIB

Royal National Institute for the Blind

Abbreviation RNI

reactive nitrogen intermediate

Abbreviation PICNIC

Pediatric Investigators Collaborative Network on Infections in Canada

Abbreviation PANI


Abbreviation OMNI

Organizing Medical Networked Information [UK]

Abbreviation NNIWG

National Nursing Informatics Work Group

Abbreviation NNIS

National Nosocomial Infection Surveillance

Abbreviation NNI

noise and number index

Abbreviation NIWG

Nursing Informatics Workshop Group

Abbreviation NIW

nursing intensity weights

Abbreviation NIV

nodule-inducing virus

Abbreviations that look like ni