What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation nh?

Abbreviation USNH

United States Naval Hospital

Abbreviation UNHCR

United Nations High Commission on Refugees

Abbreviation TPNH

reduced triphosphopyridine nucleotide

Abbreviation TNHP

teaching nursing home program

Abbreviation TNH

teaching nursing home

Abbreviation SONH

spontaneous osteonecrosis of the hip

Abbreviation SNHL

sensorineural hearing loss

Abbreviation NTNH

nontoxic, nonhemagglutinating [protein]

Abbreviation NNHS

National Nursing Home Survey

Abbreviation NNH

number needed to harm

Abbreviation NHVR

normalized hepatic vascular resistance

Abbreviation NHTSA

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Abbreviation NHT

nonpenetrating head trauma

Abbreviation NHSTD

National Health Service Training Division [UK]

Abbreviation NHSR

National Hospital Service Reserve

Abbreviation NHSIA

National Health Service [NHS] Information Authority [UK]

Abbreviation NHS CCC

National Health Service Centre for Coding and Classification [UK]

Abbreviation NHSC

National Health Service Corps

Abbreviation NHSAS

National Health Service Audit Staff

Abbreviation NHS

Nance-Horan syndrome

Abbreviation NHRC

National Health Research Center

Abbreviation NHRA

Nursing Home Reform Act

Abbreviation NHR

net histocompatibility ratio

Abbreviation NHQRA

Nursing Home Quality Reform Act

Abbreviation NHPPN

National Health Professions Placement Network

Abbreviations that look like nh