What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation ne?

Abbreviation WNE

West Nile encephalitis

Abbreviation VEINES

Venous Insufficiency Epidemiologic and Economic Study

Abbreviation UniGene

Unique Human Gene Sequence Collection

Abbreviation UNEP

United Nations Environmental Programme

Abbreviation UNE

urinary norepinephrine

Abbreviation TUNEL


Abbreviation TOXNET

Toxicology Data Network [NLM database]

Abbreviation TOXLINE

Toxicology Information On-Line [NLM database]

Abbreviation TONE

tilted optimized nonsaturating excitation

Abbreviation TNEE

titrated norepinephrine excretion

Abbreviation TANet

Taiwan Network

Abbreviation SPACELINE

Space Life Science Online

Abbreviation SONET

synchronous optical network transmission

Abbreviation SNES

suprascapular nerve entrapment syndrome

Abbreviation SNE

sinus node electrogram

Abbreviation SINE

short interspersed element [gene coding]

Abbreviation SHINE

Strategic Health Informatics Network in Europe

Abbreviation SGNE

secretory granule neuroendocrine [protein]

Abbreviation SERLINE

Serials Online [NLM database]

Abbreviation SemNet

semantic network [UMLS]

Abbreviation SEGNE

secretory granules of neural and endocrine [cells]

Abbreviation SDILINE

Selective Dissemination of Information Online [data bank]

Abbreviation SANE

sexual assault nurse examiner

Abbreviation RTNet

radiotherapy networking system

Abbreviation RENEWAL

Randomized Trial of Endoluminal Reconstruction Using the NIR Stent or Wallstent in Angioplasty of Long Segment Disease

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