What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation n?

Abbreviation ZNS


Abbreviation ZnOE

zinc oxide and eugenol

Abbreviation ZNF

zinc finger [protein]

Abbreviation ZN

Ziehl-Neelsen [staining]

Abbreviation YNS

yellow nail syndrome

Abbreviation YNB

yeast nitrogen base

Abbreviation XRN

X-linked recessive nephrolithiasis

Abbreviation XPN

xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis

Abbreviation XOAN

X-linked ocular albinism of Nettleship-Falls

Abbreviation XN

night blindness

Abbreviation XINV

Xingu virus

Abbreviation XBSN

X-linked bulbospinal neuropathy

Abbreviation Xanth


Abbreviation Xan


Abbreviation WSDRN

Western Satellite Data Relay System

Abbreviation WRN

Werner [syndrome]

Abbreviation WRLIN

Wessex Regional Library and Information Network [UK]

Abbreviation WRAIN

Walter Reed Army Medical Center Institute of Nursing

Abbreviation WONV

Wongal virus

Abbreviation WONCA

World Organization of Family Doctors

Abbreviation WNV

West Nile virus

Abbreviation WNSA

weighted negative surface area

Abbreviation WNPW

wide, notched P wave

Abbreviation WNN

wavelet neural network

Abbreviation WNM

well-nourished male

Abbreviations that look like n