What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation ld?

Abbreviation YLD

year lived with disability

Abbreviation XLD

X-linked dominant

Abbreviation VLDLR

very low density lipoprotein receptor

Abbreviation VLD

very low density

Abbreviation ULDR

ultra-low dose rate

Abbreviation ULDH

urinary lactate dehydrogenase

Abbreviation ULD

Unverricht-Lundborg disease

Abbreviation TTLD

terminal transverse limb defect

Abbreviation TOLD

top-level driver

Abbreviation TLD

thermoluminescent dosimeter

Abbreviation TCAld


Abbreviation SOLD

Stenting after Optimal Lesion Debulking [trial]

Abbreviation SLDR

sublethal damage repair

Abbreviation SLD

scapholunar dissociation

Abbreviation SILD

Sequenced Inventory of Language Development

Abbreviation SHLD


Abbreviation SGLD

spatial gray level dependence

Abbreviation SERHOLD

National Biomedical Serials Holding Database

Abbreviation SELDI

surface-enhanced laser desorption ionization [mass spectrometry]

Abbreviation SCLD

sickle-cell chronic lung disease

Abbreviation SAPALDIA

Swiss Study of Air Pollution and Lung Diseases in Adults

Abbreviation RSLD

repair of sublethal damage

Abbreviation RPLD

repair of potentially lethal damage

Abbreviation RLD

related living donor

Abbreviation QALD

quality-adjusted life days

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