What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation h?

Abbreviation ZWCHRS

Zellweger cerebrohepatorenal syndrome

Abbreviation YSHR

younger spontaneously hypertensive rat

Abbreviation YHV

Yaquina Head virus

Abbreviation YHAP

Yale Health and Aging Project

Abbreviation YEH

2 reduced yellow enzyme

Abbreviation Yahoo

Yet Another Hierarchically Officious Oracle [hierarchical subject index to Web sites]

Abbreviation YADH

yeast alcohol dehydrogenase

Abbreviation XSCLH

X-linked subcortical laminar heterotopia

Abbreviation XLHED

X-linked hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia

Abbreviation XLH

X-linked hydrocephalus

Abbreviation XISHF

Xamoterol in Severe Heart Failure [study]

Abbreviation XDH

xanthine dehydrogenase

Abbreviation Xanth


Abbreviation WTH

Women Take Heart [project]

Abbreviation WSPHU

Western Sector Public Health Unit [Australia]

Abbreviation WMHP

Women's Medical Health Page

Abbreviation WMH

white matter hyperintensities

Abbreviation WISH

wearable information system for human healthcare

Abbreviation WIHS

Women's Interagency Human Immunodeficiency Virus [HIV] Study

Abbreviation WICHEN

Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education in Nursing

Abbreviation WHYMPI

West Haven-Yale Multidimensional Pain Inventory

Abbreviation WHVP

wedged hepatic venous pressure

Abbreviation WHV

woodchuck hepatic virus

Abbreviation WHTVS

Women's Health Trial Vanguard Study

Abbreviation WHT

Walsh-Hadamard transform

Abbreviations that look like h