What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation ems?

Abbreviation TEMS

tactical emergency medical services

Abbreviation SEMSOB

Stanford Self-Efficacy for Managing Shortness of Breath

Abbreviation REMS

rapid eye movement sleep

Abbreviation NEMS

nine equivalents of nursing manpower use score

Abbreviation NAEMSP

National Association of Emergency Medical Services Physicians

Abbreviation MEMS

medication event monitoring system

Abbreviation LEMS

Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome

Abbreviation HEMS

hospital engineering management system

Abbreviation GEMSS

glaucoma-lens ectopia-microspherophakia-stiffness-shortness syndrome

Abbreviation GEMS

gel electrophoresis mass spectrometry

Abbreviation FMGEMS

Foreign Medical Graduate Examination in Medical Sciences

Abbreviation EMSS

emergency medical services system

Abbreviation EMSC

emergency medical services for children

Abbreviation EMSA

electrophoretic mobility shift assay

Abbreviation EMS

early morning specimen

Abbreviation CIDEMS

Center for Information and Documentation

Abbreviation BEMS

Bioelectromagnetics Society

Abbreviations that look like ems