What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation di?

Abbreviation WEDI

Workshop for Electronic Data Interchange

Abbreviation WDI

warfarin dose index

Abbreviation VINDICATE

vascular, inflammatory/infectious, neoplastic/neurologic/psychiatric, degenerative/dietary, intoxication/idiopathic/iatrogenic, congenital, allergic/ autoimmune, trauma, endocrine/metabolic [differential diagnosis mnemonic]

Abbreviation VERDICT

Verapamil Digoxin Cardioversion Trial

Abbreviation VERDI

Verapamil vs Diuretics [trial]

Abbreviation VDI

venous distensibility index

Abbreviation USPDI

United States Pharmacopeia Drug Information

Abbreviation UPDIC

Uppsala Prospective Diabetes Control [study]

Abbreviation UDIR

underdose isodose range [radiation]

Abbreviation TTIdi

tension time index diaphragm

Abbreviation TDI

temperature difference integration

Abbreviation SMEDI

stillbirth-mummification, embryonic death, infertility [syndrome]

Abbreviation SKHYDIP

Skara Hypertension and Diabetes Project

Abbreviation SEMDIT

spondyloepimetaphyseal dysplasia, Irapa type

Abbreviation SELDI

surface-enhanced laser desorption ionization [mass spectrometry]

Abbreviation SDIS

Stockholm Diabetes Intervention Study

Abbreviation SDILINE

Selective Dissemination of Information Online [data bank]

Abbreviation SDIHD

sudden death ischemic heart disease

Abbreviation SDIF

standard generalized markup language document interchange format

Abbreviation SDI

selective dissemination of information

Abbreviation SAUDIS

Sudden and Unexpected Death in Sports [study]

Abbreviation SAPALDIA

Swiss Study of Air Pollution and Lung Diseases in Adults

Abbreviation SADIA

small angle double incidence angiography

Abbreviation RDIC

resuscitation device, individual chemical

Abbreviation RDI

recommended daily intake

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