What is the meaning of the Medical abbreviation ctr?

Abbreviation SCTR

secretin receptor

Abbreviation NCTR

National Center for Toxicological Research

Abbreviation ECTR

endoscopic carpal tunnel release

Abbreviation CTRX


Abbreviation CTRS

certified therapeutic recreation specialist

Abbreviation CtRLV

carrot red leaf virus

Abbreviation CTRL

chymotrypsin-like [protease]

Abbreviation CTRD

Cardiac Transplant Research Database

Abbreviation CTRB

chymotrypsinogen B

Abbreviation CTR

cardiothoracic ratio

Abbreviation CCTR

Cochrane Controlled Trials Register [UK]

Abbreviation BCtr

bovine chymotrypsin

Abbreviation ACTR

American Club of Therapeutic Radiologists

Abbreviations that look like ctr